Strategies to help beginners win in Judi Bola Betting

There are number of sports bettors and also a number of sports fans. Betting is now a million dollars industry. Some people bet randomly for their favorite teams while some use strategies to bet and win. But out of so many bettors there are just a few of them who make money. Rest of them just put their cash on bets each week without actually having any returns. Some what do these few people actually do to win? Below tips will help you minimize your losses and help you have a balance between the winning and losing amount.

Some strategies a beginner should know to win:

You’ll need to find the best winning sports picks and advice. You should have bankroll management. You should also use the most dependable sports betting system. And you should set your targets and always stick to them. If you use all these things together, then you will definitely be able to win bets.

However it is really difficult to find the best sports betting system and sports picks. Do a lot of research and place your bet only when you are confident about the system that you are using.


There are a few basic systems of sports betting. There are many Sports betting systems and strategies for beginners who play แทงบอล.

The Labouchere System in Reverse

In this system, winnings are added to the sequence. If you win, the number of wager is added to the end of the sequence and if you lose, the numbers used for the bets are deleted. You have a target and once you reach that target the sequence is again started from the beginning. This is a positive progressive system. In this system, you increase the bet amount when you win. This system is recommended and very helpful in winning bets.

The D’Alembert Betting System 

It is a combination of Martingale system and an insurance system. After each unit of loss bets are raise and after each unit of win they are lowered. The amount to be lowered or raised and the sequence vary from one game to another. As it is a negative progression system แทงบอล  it is not recommended as it may require a lot of capital. However insurance betting systems are safe and provide good strategies.

Keep a track on the money that you are spending in online betting. Do not spend more than you can afford to lose.