Playing Poker – Online or In-person?

Playing poker games is quite popular today. So, which one is better – playing offline or online? Well, in online games, you have the option to quit at any time and return back at your convenience without having to wait. Whereas poker tables in traditional poker are mostly advance-booked and have a huge waiting line. So if the player wished to quit or take a breather in between rounds, they might be sent back in that queue to the bottom of that waiting list. Let’s be honest, who has the time for that?

Online idn poker is much cheaper to play than traditional poker. The transportation cost notwithstanding, there are a lot of other incidental expenses that are incurred by live poker rooms. Tipping the dealers, chip runners and the employees are some common practices at poker rooms, this further drains and cuts back on the player’s profits. Such costs are definitely omitted in the case of online sites. Transportation costs are nullified too, as players can play from anywhere, be it their homes, workplaces or even while travelling. All they need is a smart-phone and an internet connection. Food snacks and drinks offered at live poker rooms are also some means by which they can empty their player’s pockets. This can definitely be avoided in the scenario of playing at home.

These are just some of the benefits of preferring to play online instead of in-person. There are several other factors that make online sites better, some sites even offer to instruct or teach their new players about the basics of playing poker and give them a chance to try their hand in their free versions with fake money. This helps novices learn about the game before they can actually start investing real money on poker tables. There are a myriad of game applications available online, most of them free to download too. There is no limit to the profits that players can make out of these games, small or big, all they need to do is get started.

The right position: One of the most important and often over-looked factor of this poker online game is the concept of position.

One way is to make their players convert their funds before depositing them. However this method may come at a loss for the players as poker rooms take funds from the player’s currency and convert them at lower rates compared to what banks and credit card companies charge.

Follow these tips and tricks, keep a calm and composed attitude, polish your bluffing skills and you are good to go! Get ready tp play high stake games and bring in huge amounts of profit.


You have to take calculated risks now and then to significantly increase your bankroll amount. That’s why it is so important to have the fundamentals down. If you think you still have more to learn then keep practicing and at with lower limits and lower bankrolls and maintain them with a disciplined hand.